Drink the Drama & Bang on suspense with ABHAY SEASON 2

Who doesn’t Love Drama and Thriller? It’s fascinating indeed! And Abhay Season 2 has all of it!

Thriller Shows has proven them as the best source of entertainment for all . It is a genre that never let’s the viewers eyes get off the show! 

Lockdown has been a difficult time for all of us and so me. I have been searching and exploring various indian Web Thriller Series when Zee5 launched Abhay Season 2.

Its Promo was tempting and so i couldn’t resist watching it.  

So here am I, up with a review of this thriller from Zee5.

Abhay Season 2
Image source : ZEE5



Zee5 has starred Kunal Khemu as the superintendent police officer Abhay Pratap Singh. He is seen playing the role of a protagonist whereas Ram Kapoor and Chunkey Pandey played the role of antagonists in series.  Besides them, there are several stars in the series llike Bindiya Bag, Asha Negi, Nidhi Singh, Raghav Juyal, Indraneil Sengupta and Asheema Vadaan. 


Abhay Season 2 is a hindi webseries based on true stories. 


It is webseries based on action , drama and thriller. It showcases the true crime and the criminal mind. 


It is a ZEE5 original where Kunal Khemu played the role of main Lead. 

Abhay Season 2 consists of 8 episodes named on the Special Task Force Police Officer ABHAY PRATAP SINGH  who holds the responsibility of unravelling the most mysterious cases. This investigating officer has his own justice system and delivers justice in his own way. 

Abhay Pratap Singh can empathize to the criminal along with his mind to test his own limits and go to extremes for solving a case. 

He plays the villain’s game better than the villain could have expected and wins the game. 

The crime is fictionalised where abhay solves one case after another in utmost perfection. 

Multiple episodes of crimes are seen in the series and each one turned out to be shockingly realistic. 

Abhay is seen as a sharp cop who investigates and solves the most complicated crime cases.

 He comes out to be a hero and lives the life of a hero that he cultivated by himself but is in dark, deep inside. Gradually we begin to get the glimpes of what abhay hides within him. 

The revealed truths got abhay into pressure, the pressure of saving his kids and his past secrets made him vulnerable but he remains incorruptible even by the end. 

Overview on the Enticing Cases :

Case 1: A man who used to drink brain soup by chopping intelligent people’s head. 

Case 2: A prostitute who would target men because she wanted to take revenge from the man who forced her into this. 

Case 3: A doctor who started his murder spree in quest to make his own Frankenstein, waging a war against the creator who took away his sister. 

Case 4: A cop who used to target, lure and kill woman while wearing their lingerie and thus executing his mother old rituals to remain youthful. 

Case 5: A 20-year girl who suffers from schizophrenia has been victim of child marriage and paedophile but in due course of time her inner voice has channelized all negativity and thus she is in murder spree of targeting men and brutally killing them.

Case 6: A mechanical engineer who thinks homosexuality is a sin and is out to cleanse the society by killing people who, according to him, are infested by this disease. 

Trasition from Season 1 to Season 2 

Some Power Packed Performances and thrilling episodes were all expected after a huge populaity of Season 1 . Cases got more horrific showing the depths of humankind . The new version got more twitchier and darker as compared to season 1.

Season 2 showed some ultimate realizations of how this society is infested with Sociopaths and Psychopaths. The criminals are all between us, speaking to us, breathing with us. This series gives a reflection about ourselves and the people around us. The criminal Minds are so close to us – maybe our maid, the milkman, the gardener or so. It’s so scary to feel and understand, isn’t it? 


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