Best ever known Uses of glycerine

uses of glycerine


Glycerine , scientifically known as glycerol is a sweet, colourless, odourless and viscous liquid.

It has an organic formula of C3H8O3.
The density of this liquid is 1.26 g/cm³.

Structure :

The presence of three hydroxyl group in its structure is responsible for the solubility of glycerine in water.
It is Hygroscopic in nature which describes its ability to hold water molecules from the environment, generally at room temperature.

Derivation :

Glycerol occurs in plants and animals in form of triglycerides or esters of glycerols.
Glycerine is extracted from the triglycerides and esters of glycerol through Hydrolysis, Saponification or Transesterification.
The process of Saponification is carried out between the triglycerides and Sodium hydroxide.
The extraction of Glycerine from the triglycerides is carried out on a large scale but the quantity of crude product is variable. The process of filteration can be carried out but it is expensive.
Crude Glycerol obtained from hydrolysis of triglycerides can be purified by treatment with Activated Carbon to separate it from organic impurities.
Multi – Step distillation is necessary to obtain High purity Glycerol, condition of vacuum must be created due to high boiling point of glycerol (290 °C).

Uses of Glycerine:uses of glycerine

Glycerine is commonly used as a moisturizer to treat the dry and dehydrated skin.
It rejuvenates the skin with soft and supple look.
Glycerine has healing properties intact so it acts like a natural medicine.
Apart from being non toxic at lower concentrations, it also maintains the Ph level of skin.
In food industry, glycerine is generally marketed as a sweetener.

Synthetic Glycerine

Synthetic glycerol is synthesized by treatment of Propylene in different ways.
The synthetic process is expensive and hence not economical.

What we made out of it:

1) The Key ingredient in moisturizer :

We often buy moisturizers from different brands. So here is our Most Natural Home Made moisturizer and guess what? It is self tested, self experimented and self approved.
What all you need?
Mildest Cream and glycerine.
Yes, that’s it!
You can add a bit of smoothie, mango or banana crush if you wish to enrich your moisturizer with fruit extracts.
After trying this out, you will actually forget the marketed moisturizers.

2) Healing Cream –

Turmeric Powder and Glycerine solution.
Yes, you heard it right! It works wonders on scratches and scars .
I consider it one of the best uses of glycerine so far.

3) Lip Decolouration- Healing& Restore

And this is my personal secret which I’m sharing now. Applying glycerine at night on your lips and leaving it overnight gives soft lips.
Applying it regularly improves lip colour and also for the sweet lovers, it taste super sweet.

4) Skin Scrub or Lip scrub? Both!

For lip scrub, all you need is sugar powder and glycerine!
Yummy, a blast of sweetness!
Here comes your perfect Skin scrub –
Add sugar,  tea tree oil and aloe Vera gel with glycerine.
That’s all you need.
Happy scrubbing!!

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