Genre – Comedy, Thriller, Drama

Rating – 9/10

Language – Hindi 

Content type : Web Series

Platform : ZEE5

Directors : Satyanshu Singh, Devanshu Singh

Cast : Vinay Pathak, Seema Pahwa, Tillotama Shome 

Image source : Zee5

A bit of tinsel and cake is enough for a middle-class couple to throw a birthday party for their child! 

In the case of chintu ,a six-year-old boy stuck in a war-torn Iraq along with his family, a party is no less than a dream. Due to some reasons, he could not celebrate his birthday last year and his family promised him a super duper celebration this year with double fun- This couple will ensure to give his child the party that he actually deserves. 

But there’s always a twist in the story, George W Bush has different plans. Chintu-ka-Birthday, after a lot of work, came out with a sip of sugary goodness of love. 

The simple story of birthday celebration of a child is actually the celebration of fatherhood ; the story of a parent whose child’s happiness is what matters the most for him. This film also shows the lives of people living under restrictions seeking for their happiness in four walls. 

The cutest kid Chintu lives with his family of 5 who moved to Iraq illegally in search of a better life. The one hour twenty minute film which shows what happened on his sixth birthday is probably not a large scheme of things, but is no less than a beautiful dream for his family. 

The things did not occur as per plan as their special occasion of the year got crashed by some uninvited party poopers . These party poopers didn’t just spoil their party but their lives too. The father ( Vinay Pathak) and his family did not lose hope and dealt with the situation nicely to bring a smile on chintu’s face.

Image source : Zee5

There are numerous ways in which ZEE5 Original won hearts than just one . The story of Chintu’s birthday is Engulfed with details – It talks about the American Soldiers stuck in Iraq for years during the war , it describes how illegal migration destroys lives and it questions the inherent goodness or badness of human beings. 

Vinay Pathak has been a fantastic father who was battling with his guilt but was hell bent on giving his child the birthday of his dreams. 

An amazing actor Tillotama Shome joined him and brought some variation with her work. 

After acting as a foul-mouthed mom in the web series Mentalhood, also on ZEE5 in collaboration with AltBalaji, she amused us again as a homemaker and a mother of two. 

The whole family appeared as a bundle of talent when Seema Pahwa brought her best out as a nagging mother in law.

Chintu-ka-Birthday has been a light- hearted family drama supported by extremely talented regional and international cast. 


Intelligent Writing is the key to a successful project, and that is rightly proven by Chintu-Ka-Birthday. The way a 6-year-old kid chintu tells the story of Saddam Hussein’s Downfall in 2004’s Iraq in layman’s language brings so much liveliness to the screen. The movie signifies the importance of loved ones who share things and handle trouble as one. 


ZEE5 is actually picking some quality content after the kaafir and the State of Siege, this one is definitely a power boost to OTT platform. 

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  1. If you think you can’t find happiness with the things going around nowadays, watch Chintu Ka Birthday. Absolutely loved it. Please do watch, good story and very engaging.

  2. I have watched the trailer of Chintu ka birthday and I found it to be really amazing! I will surely watch it!

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