The most delicious and healthy meals ft Yogabar


In the fast running world and hectic schedules we can never forget to please our taste buds with delightful meals.

Food – whether raw product / commodity or the art of cooking has emerged as a developing and wide spreading sector in the market.

People love diving into the food.


Yogabar was a startup by Sampath sisters who aimed at moulding the eating habits of people and making them switch to the healthy meals.

The snacking and eating habits of most of the people are  unhealthy. There are plenty of products available in market that showcase unrealistic things and transparency lags behind. This not only leads to increase in people with diseases like diabetes, increased Cholestrol, high Blood pressure but also leads to poor lifestyle habits which consequently leads to obesity.

The agenda of this brand is to make it natural, healthy and tasty all the way.

Since their startup, this brand has evidenced significant growth with presence in almost 800 stores across India.

To know more about this brand,  you can check their website .

What matters is the ingredients :

The strength of its meal is the ingredients it is made up from. Yogabar have multiple range of breakfast bars, proteins bars and energy bars of different flavours.

They gather the natural ingredients from the farmers across the country. Yogabar never adds any preservatives or additives.

Their Naturalness is what differentiates them from other brands.

Their packaging is colourful and bright  which is really cool and attractive.

The quantity of every single ingredient is mentioned on the package which brings transparency.

Protein bars:

It’s main constituent is complete whey protein along with probiotic fiber, omega 3s and healthy fats.

I got to taste four quirky and unique flavours which were Baked Brownie, Cranberry Blast, Almond Fudge and Hazelnut Toffee.

The one similarity I actually observed in all the protein bars was the presence of Flax Seeds and some essential fats along with fibers.

Baked Brownie: This bar drove me to a journey in the delicious brownies with a crisp of healthcare. The yogabaringredients include Whey protein concentrate, Whey crisps, almonds, prebiotic fibre, cocoa, cocoa butter, brown sugar, apple fiber, honey and some added natural flavours.

Cranberry blast : The name tempts to taste the bar rich in proteins and fibre. It also included  prebiotic fibre,  cocoa,  cocoa butter,  apple fibre, honey,  whey protein concentrate whey crisps and natural flavour of vanilla,  orange and rosemary extract.

Almond fudge : this brand has been super innovative in deciding the names of these flavours,  literally! This bar had much similar ingredients like the other protein bars except the slight change in the added flavour. The name justified the presence of almond.

Hazelnut Toffee : This one has been my favourite of all!  The hazelnut toffee bar has been a complete treat to coffee combined with hazelnuts.

Coming to the breakfast bars which have been a light yet fulfilling range of meals by yogabar!

Apricot Fig: The perfect breakfast meal is marked by presence of wholegrains and so has the apricot breakfast bar intact.

The unusual combination of seeds, nuts, apple fibre, honey, Gum acacia with himalayan pink salt is so fulfilling.

Blueberry pie : This bar has the added natural flavour of blueberry extract and rosemary extract along with the seeds,  wholegrains and crisps.

Apple cinnamon : I have heard about the  famous detox water recipe of the same combination as flavour and taste that is brought to us by the yogabar. Like the other breakfast bar,  this one also has seeds and wholegrains.

Almond coconut : This combination is way more tastier than it appeals. The presence of wholegrains,  seeds,  honey and himalayan pink salt were cherished by ginger. I have never tasted or heard about this combination before.

The snack bars has complex carbs, whole grains, seeds, nuts and protein boost intact.

Changing the lifestyle – The Aim

Yogabar has majority of customers from age group 25 to 40 years who are working to switch to a healthy lifestyle.

This brand is mainly dependent on the word of mouth marketing and didn’t advertise much.

They gradually started entering the Social Media Marketing over last few months with a desire to be the Go-to company for the people looking for healthy snacks.

 Availability :

Their Range of bars is available on Amazon & you can click on the link below to buy it from Amazon.



Breakfast bars are priced at Rs 50, Snack bar range at Rs 40, and protein bars  about Rs 110 (when bought as a pack of 6)


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