Remove Bikini Hair without irritation or darkening with Everteen

Hair removal creme

Hair Removal Creme for Bikini Line

Do you know that intimate area is the most sensitive area of our body?
This part needs special products designed with a natural formula as it is sensitive and might react to chemical based products.
I included Everteen intimate wash and Neud hair inhibitor recently into my intimate care routine and loved the action of both. Then I decided to explore more about intimate care because I felt happy when my body is cleaner and healthier.
Then I added Everteen Hair Removal Creme for Bikini Line in my intimate hygiene care. This creme is specially designed for sensitive parts of body like bikini line, underarms, etc. It is formulated with natural ingredients such as Chamomile, Glycerine etc.

About Everteen Hair Removal CremeHair removal creme

Everteen has a wide range of products that are specially designed to take care of feminine hygiene.

Everteen Hair Removal Creme is India’s first specially designed hair removal crème for bikini line. It cleans your bikini line easily leaving behind soft and smoother skin.

Features of Hair Removal creme for Bikini line :
1. It is 100% natural and includes chamomile extract in its formula.
2. It is an easy way to remove hair without causing itchiness, red bumps or skin burning.
3. It is sensitive skin formula which makes this hair removal crème safe to be used in bikini line or underarms.
4. This Hair removal crème specially designed for bikini line doesn’t darken your skin neither it leaves ingrown hair.
5. It is free from any harsh smell.
6. It is specially designed for females.


Chamomile, Ewax, Cetanol, Liquid Paraffin, Glycerine, EDTA,Thioglycolic Acid, Preservatives, NaOH, Perfume

Packaging, Colour and texture:

Everteen Hair Removal Crème comes in a tube which is travel-friendly. The hair removal crème is thick and white that spreads easily onto the skin.

Price and Availability

This hair removal crème is available at a price of Rs.149/- for 50 grams. You can purchase it from Everteen website or other online websites like Amazon, Flipkart and Nykaa.

How to Use the creme?Hair removal creme

You can Follow the given steps to use Everteen Hair Removal Crème effectively on your bikini line or any other body part.
Step 1: Clean the bikini line (or body part) with any mild cleanser and water.
Step 2: Pat dry the area with a towel .
Step 3: Take the Crème out and apply sufficient amount on the bikini line (or body part).

Step 4: Take the spatula (available in the pack) and spread the hair removal crème

(in the direction of the hair growth) around the area.Hair removal creme

Step 5: Leave the crème for few minutes.
Step 6: Take the spatula and remove the crème by moving it against the direction of hair growth.

Step 7: Once you remove the cream, dip the coin-sized towel (available in the pack) in water to unfold it into full size.

Step 8: Use the towel to wipe off the area thoroughly.


Hair removal creme

Step 9: Apply a mild and smooth moisturiser after half an hour.


Note: Don’t use the hair removal crème over the same area again before 72 hours. Keep a

certain gap between sessions.


My Experience with the creme :

For any female, cleaning their intimate area is a must.Hair removal creme

I came across Everteen Hair Removal Creme when I got my hands on their Intimate Wash.

The pack contains a couple of products in it which include : 50 grams tube of Hair Removal Creme, One Spatula, Two coin-sized towels and Instructions manual.

Everteen Hair Removal Creme comes in a tube packaging which is easy for application.

I was scared to use it as I have heard about the bad effects of hair removal creams so i decided to try a patch test first on my leg.

This creme spreads easily on the skin and cleans the area without leaving any harsh Or irritating smell.

After leaving it for few minutes, I removed the creme with a spatula in opposite direction and then wiped off with wet towel. I applied the Everteen intimate wash afterwards to maintain the PH balance of skin.

I could see little hair growing back the same way as it used to grow earlier so I had to repeat the process after a week or maximum 10 days.

Everteen hair removal creme is completely safe to be used around the intimate area.

One should always be careful while using any product around intimate area as these products are meant for external usage only.


I would rate this hair removal creme as 4.5/5.

If you are looking for the easiest way of Hair removal then Everteen Hair Removal Creme is the best option for you. One should never ignore the hygiene of intimate area and be free from bacteria and germs.

I hope this review helps you out to find the right hair removal creme for your sensitive area.
Thank you!


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  1. Clearer, smooth skin definitely makes you feel confident. When it comes to intimate and sensitive area, we need something which is not harsh and I think, Everteen solves the purpose.

  2. That is a really helpful post for those who do not like get the bikini lines waxed. I had never heard of this product. Thank you so much for this information and as you had a great experience, it seems to be a safe thing to try.

  3. I never had the courage to go to a parlor for bikini wax but this seems promising. I had no clue about this brand, after reading this now I am definitely going to try it soon.

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