Exciting Wedding themes for 2019

Exciting Wedding themes

Exciting Wedding themes

Winters is arriving along with the Wedding season of the year. So it’s time to explore all the colourful wedding themes on the occasion of celebration.

Most of the couples go for a mixture of themed elements over the simple colour scheme. So the Rustic Luxe and Classic Vintage weddings are in trend than the simple ones.

Along with the decided theme, it’s time to see how couples add up their twist on the traditional !

Primary and secondary themes:

The most interesting Aspect here is to observe the themes which are more popular as primary or secondary focus. As per the wedding celebration patterns of last three years, Rustic Wedding has been the most popular one.

But the quirky and different changes are often added as a secondary theme to mix in order to give a unique feel to the wedding . And that’s the point where Rustic Luxe, Rustic Vintage and Rustic Boho Weddings come into play!

Mostly adopted themes of Garden / outdoors, vintage, DIY, Boho chic Weddings etc are more known as secondary themes than they are as the primary focus. So if you are hosting a garden wedding, the couple might not say it as the primary focus of their wedding theme.

Exciting wedding themes for 2019

1) Rustic :

Rustic Wedding theme is alternatively known as the traditional wedding theme of modern day couples . The settings of Rustic Theme includes the older buildings, farms and cellar doors which give a relaxed charm. This relaxed feel is becoming significant because the couples want to be the center of attraction on their day.

More styling pop up can be designed to give the rustic look a completely new one so that it’s a budget friendly combination and theme for anyone to grab the vibe they want.

2) Garden / outdoorsExciting Wedding themes

Garden and outdoor weddings are becoming popular as both a primary and secondary theme to complement the outdoor elements and blend naturalism right into the wedding.

The Dark colours enhance the depth of moody wedding pictures and so it adds the winter elements in the capture.

3) Romantic

To add the crisp of love in the wedding, the golden lightning and warm festoon plays their role. Such effects add romance in the wedding to give it a magical touch.

Romantic weddings have their traditional element intact to depict the love of couple through first dance to bring them into limelight.

4) Contemporary and glamorousExciting Wedding themes

The glamorous and contemporary themes are more used as a primary focus on a wedding, as reported by the previous weddings of couples who generally wish to add the wow factor on their day.

Also known as luxe weddings, it generally focuses on the glam elements like large floral installation with Pyrotechnics on Dancefloor along with aesthetics.

5) Classic/ Traditional

We always stick to our traditions no matter how much modernization we look forward to.

Second most popular wedding theme is the classic and traditional one .

The traditional wedding theme is inculcated in church- Classic outdoor ceremonies and the dedicated reception.

6) BeachExciting Wedding themes

Beach weddings are still one of the Most exciting Wedding themes which is incredibly popular.

Who doesn’t love to be surrounded by the gorgeous coastline ?!

7) Vineyard

Although Vineyard is less popular wedding theme, but it still fills up 19% of all wedding venues.

Most of the couples prefer Vineyard as their setting rather than incorporating it into the theme. Such wedding is classified as rustic and romantic rather than Vineyard solely.

8) DIYExciting Wedding themes

DIY theme is basically designing and deciding everything by your own self.

It includes a lot of decoration and styling for the grand day just as in the world of Instagram and pinterest without the restriction of budget.

DIY is generally considered as the secondary theme in weddings to give it a personalized touch.

9) Vintage

The most popular themes such as Rustic and Boho Chic include a combination of vintage elements in weddings.

Vintage elements pair well with rustic elements to form the perfect aesthetic while bohemian weddings have Vintage furniture as the main focus along with the old-word lace designs that are very vintage-esque.

10) Boho chic

Bohemian Theme is one of the hit from most popular wedding themes. Most of the couples prefer to incorporate Boho elements in their wedding setup.

Not just Boho chic but Boho beach wedding theme is also gaining popularity. The greeneey, Arbours and bare feet sets the ideal settings that couples love to choose when it comes to their wedding style .

There’s a lot more coming your way through more posts.


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