Exploring male pattern baldness

male pattern baldness

Exploring male pattern baldness

Male pattern Baldness, scientifically known as Androgenic Alopecia is most common type Of Hair Loss in Men.

Statistics :

Survey and data by US National Library of Medicine (NLM) states that more than 50% of men over the range of 50 get affected by male pattern baldness to some extent.

The Cause :

– Genetics or family history of Baldness can be one of the reasons causing the same.

-According to a research, the Male Pattern Baldness is associated with male sexual hormones called Androgens which has many functions including regulation of hair growth.

There is a growth cycle of every hair on your head. The existence of male pattern baldness indicates the weakness of this growth cycle and hair follicle starts shrinking. Eventually,the growth cycle for reach hair comes to an end and no new hair grows after that.

The Genetically inherited baldness has no side effects. However baldness might have some serious causes like cancers, medications, thyroid or anabolic steroids.

You must consult a doctor if hair loss occurs after medications or is accompanied by other health complaints.male pattern baldness

Doctors often use the pattern of baldness to diagnose Male Pattern Baldness. They may examine you completely and check your medical history to examine certain health conditions as the cause such as fungal conditions of scalp or nutritional disorders.

When there’s a rash, redness, pain, peeling of the scalp, hair breakage or patchy hair loss, there’s a complete possibility that your health conditions are a cause.

Skin biopsy and Blood tests are also done to diagnose disorder responsible for hair loss.

The Male Solutions :

1) Changing the hairstyle

Hair loss can be hidden by choosing a right hair cut or hair style. Ask your hair stylist to give you the look of fuller hair.

2) Weaves

The hair wigs that are sewn into your natural hair are called as weaves. They stay on your head while you are performing any activity such as swimming, running etc.The only disadvantage is that they have to be sewn again whenever new hair growth occurs and sewing process can damage your hair.

3) Wigs or Hair pieces

Wigs come in a number of style and variety. They cover the thin hair or baldness.

You can choose a wig of similar texture and colour as your hair to get a natural look.

4) Minoxidil ( Rogaine)

It is a tropical medication applied to scalp. Minoxidil stimulates the hair follicle to grow new hair and slows down hair loss.

Hair loss starts occuring again once you stop taking the medication.

Some side effects of this medication include dryness, irritation, burning and scaling of the scalp. You need to visit doctor immediately if that’s the case.

More serious side effects can include weight gain, swelling of face, rapid heartbeat or chest pain for which you have to consult your doctor immediately.

5) Finasteride (Propecia, Proscar)

It is an oral medication to slow down the hair loss in men. Finasteride blocks the production of hormone that causes hair loss in men.

Finasteride is more successful medication than minoxidil.

If you stop taking finasteride, the hair loss returns.

Finasteride has to be cknsuned for atleast 3 months to find visible results.

The side effects include depression, rashes, itching, breast growth, swelling of face or difficulty in erection.

It’s quite rare but finasteride might cause breast cancer. If you feel any breast pain, get yourself evaluated by a doctor immidiately.

6) Hair transplant :

Well according to me, this is the most impractical choice.

Due to the multiple treatments, your scalp is prone to infections. It is expensive but hair looks natural and are permanent.

7) Counseling :male pattern baldness

Acceptance is solitude. Going bald can be a very big change and you might face trouble accepting yourself like that. You should go for counseling if you handle anxiety, depression or emotional problems due to make baldness.

Is prevention possible?

Unfortunately not. However there’s a theory that stress may cause hair loss by increasing the production of sex hormones in body.To can simply reduce stress by participating in stress relieving activities like dancing, listening songs, talking, walking etc.


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