Five ideal New Year Resolutions that you should follow

New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions

Two thousand Nineteen – Another year that is about to pass with a lot of lessons, memories, experiences and learning.

So it’s time to rewind and look back at our experiences in this year and what ideal New year resolutions should be followed to make the next – the best.

Everyone has their own story, learning and experience . I will try to write this post covering the major aspects of life rather than just an individualized post.

Nothing is ideal – We should know how to flaunt our imperfections and polish our skills with hard work and practice. I guess, this is the way to life.

So Wherever I state ‘Ideal New year Resolutions ‘ – I simply means the practical one that improve our living.

Five Ideal new year resolutions that I would love sharing with you guys are listed here :


Yes, a healthy body stays in a healthy mind. Whatever turns out bad or good is the way you perceive the things.

The one who finds good in all odds can always manage to stay happy and the one who finds bad in all will always be disappointed and sad.

So the first thing you should work upon is your mindset. There are a multiple ways to improve your mindset and bring peace of mind. One of the most important ways is Meditation .

2) COMMUNICATE & EXPRESSNew Year Resolutions

We cannot live or grow in isolation. It is language that connects us with people and help us to express our feelings.

So you need to work on your relationships and communication skills to ensure your optimum contribution in society and your family.

A person who is rude and full of attitude will be ignored by people and the friendly one will interact and adapt himself in any environment.


After ensuring your cool mindset and effective communication skills, you need to work on our physical appearance to become the happening personality.

✅ Pick up your outfit wisely according to the occasion, place and circumstance.

✅ Your accessories also play a significant role so make sure you pick up the right watch with the right shirt or the right earring with the most appropriate suit while you go out.

✅ Grooming is important – Proper combing, bathing, skincare and what not.

✅Make sure you fit in your role – professionally and personally . Your appearance speaks a lot about yourself.

4) MANAGE YOUR TIMENew Year Resolutions

Time possess it’s own power. It has the potential to bring changes – negative or positive ones.

The most successful people reveal their tales of the optimum utilization of time.

So this new year, make sure you  know what you are supposed to do when , so that your actions happen wisely . A proper time table can ensure your positive change with time.


You should always be open to suggestions, people and most importantly, learning.

Learning is not a point but a journey in itself. We learn from people, incidents, experiences and time. So keep learning throughout your life and improve.

Because at the end of the day, you simply need to be a better version of yourself and that’s all what matters.

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34 thoughts on “Five ideal New Year Resolutions that you should follow

  1. I am totally in sync with three ideas 1. Importance of time, 2. Need to correct the mindset and 3. Physical appearance. Infact my resolutions for the year are just these. Wonderfully put together for readers.

  2. Amazing and insightful post. That’s the great ideas for new year resolution. I prefer for the new resolution are Importance of time, and Physical appearance. Great thoughts.

  3. These new year resolutions are a great change for anyone’s personality and mindset, but most of us are too lazy and ignorant to implement on the 2nd day or 3rd day…lol, I am too one of them…day 1 is very energetic and motivating but then the laziness strikes 😛

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