Get rid of unwanted hair By NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor

Neud Natural Hair Inhibitor


Due to Bad weather and rampant summers we often opt for short sleeves , skirts, half pants and so on. Sometimes we choose the off shoulders and crop tops to go with the trend.

In between this struggle of choice, we all face a major issue of unwanted hair. And so we go for Waxing or shaving .

After a certain duration of time like 15 days, the hair grows back. This time duration is faster for people with ingrown hair.

We have found a product- NEED Natural hair inhibitor that is the ultimate solution to your unwanted hair.

Want to know how? Continue reading this blog post for the details .

NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor Neud Natural Hair Inhibitor

NEUD is a brand under the company Wet and Dry Personal Pvt Ltd. This company works to bring the most Natural and effective personal care products in the market.

Neud Natural Hair inhibitor is made up of advanced formula that helps in permanent hair reduction if used appropriately over a period of time. It is a lightweight formula that targets on roots of hair shaft and deactivates the hair bulb activities that are responsible for hair growth.

Hair Removal Cream and Hair Inhibitor-the difference

Hair Removal cream and Hair Inhibitor are the two terms often mixed by people although both are very different.

Both are associated with the issue of hair removal .

Hair removal cream is applied on body area with hair for few minutes and then removed in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Hair inhibitor cream is applied after hair removal method to reduce the regrowth of hair permanently.

You can use hair removal cream with a gap of a week whereas hair inhibitor cream can be applied everyday.

Key Features of NEUD Natural Hair InhibitorNeud Natural Hair Inhibitor

1. This cream helps to get rid of unwanted facial and body hair permanently if used regularly.
2. It is a bisexual product that can be used by both men and women.
3. Hair growth stops after a period of time(This period depends on the type of hair growth too)
4. It is a natural cream made up of plant extracts which makes it completely safe to be used on any skin type.

5. This is a painless and efficient method . All you need to do is massage the cream well all over the area.

Packaging, Texture and the Colour :

Neud Natural Hair inhibitor comes in a unique and attractive packaging that preserves the bottle along with the cream.
The hair inhibitor cream, also known as hair retarder cream is White in colour .

It is a non sticky light formula which is easily absorbed by skin. The fragrance of Neud Natural Hair inhibitor is pleasant unlike other hair inhibitors.

Ingredients :

Sunflower Oil, Caprrylic Capric TriGlyceride, Gymnema Sylvestre, Glycerine, Carica Papaya, Benzoic Acid, Pottassium Sorbate, Sorbic Acid ,Glyceryl Mono Stearate, Natural Fragrance.

Price, Shelf Life and Availability

NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor is available for Rs. 1499/- on Amazon.

This cream has a shelf life of 24 months but it is suggested to be used within 12 months after opening.

How to Use the cream?

Step 1: Remove the unwanted hair by any hair removal method such as wacing or shaving.
Step 2: Clean the area using a cleanser and simply Pat dry.
Step 3: Take adequate amount of Hair inhibitor cream and gently massage it all over the area. Keep massaging until the cream penetrates into your skin completely.

My Experience with Neud hair inhibitor cream:

I have soft hair growth so I was lucky enough to experience the steady results of this effective product.

Few weeks back, I got to know about NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor and checked out the ingredient list.

I was glad to see that it has 100% natural ingredients which would be safe for my oily and sensitive skin.

I have been using this hair inhibitor since four weeks and I have observed that the re-occurence of hair growth has been reduced to some extent.

I am impressed by its light formula which leaves the skin non oily. It might take time to see results , you need to stay patient while using the product.

Note: Apply it over cleanly shaved of waxed body area so that the cream penetrates into your pores and work over the hair follicle level to stop hair growth.


I would rate this as 4.5/5 and would like to recommend NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor to everyone.

If you have ingrown hair or hard hair growth then this product is a must try fir you.

For people with soft hair growth – you would see the results faster!

I hope this review helps you out 🙂
Stay tuned for more such posts and information!
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