Considerable Hand Softening Techniques that actually work

hand softening techniques

Hand Softening Techniques

Due to our hectic schedules we often forget to take care of our body. The stressful non-stop work often leads to Heath degradation, skin problems and so on.

Addressing the problem of Dry hands is quite common. It can be really irritating although it’s not very dangerous technically. This blog post describes the hand softening techniques worth coonsidering , causes of dryness , prevention and remedies . if you want to know about the same, keep reading 🙂


Most of the times, dry hands are a consequence of environmental conditions.

Cold weather is often a cause of dry skin . In winters, the decreased moisture in air draws out moisture from your skin.

Exposure to chemicals, frequent hand washing and other medical problems can dry out skin on your hands.

Solution :

We are working to find ways to hydrate our thirsty skin, all the way after exploring the possible causes.

You are at the most appropriate place If you wish to know the remedies for dryness and ways to simply prevent it in easy ways.

The best possible remedies :

1) Avoid Stress and Adopt Happiness as your Bae :

I know it looks like a strange point although it’s appealing , but there is an association between stress and eczema scientifically.

If you are wondering what’s eczema then it is the root cause of your dry skin.

So all you need to do is make some time for self care and do what makes you happy, in order to reduce stress.

2) Not to forget Moisturization :hand softening techniques

Application of quality moisturizing cream or lotion actually helps.

Moisturising lotions and creams are specially formulated to retain the skin moisture and seal it back to the skin.

Huge variety of moisturizing lotions and creams are available in market with various formulas of SPF ( sun protection factor) , Vitamins etc.

3) Think of Medication :

If you suffer from severe eczema, you can consult your doctor in order to take the most appropriate medicines that will help. Your doctor is likely to describe steroids that you can apply on skin or some antibiotic that you can take by mouth.

4) Wear Gloves whenever needed :

You should wear gloves whenever your hands are immersed in water such as while washing dishes.

Gloves simply prevent water from stripping your skin of its natural oils.

5) An overnight treatment :

Slathering your hands with Lotion or petroleum based moisturizer such as vaseline is one of the best methods for treating dry hands. After that, you can cover your hands with soft gloves so that the moisturizer is trapped fully into your skin and you wake up with the soft hands.

6) UV light therapy :

You can ask your doctor if there’s a need for UV light therapy . This therapy helps in case of severe Psoriasis .

This therapy should not be done without consulting doctor.

7) Prescription cream :

Lotions with lactic acid are recommended for the skin that stays dry and scaly. Your doctor might recommend one if you have such type of skin.

8) Wet dressing :

If your skin is cracked from dryness then your doctor is likely to recommend you a wet dressing so that your skin heals.

9) Hydrocortisone cream:

Sometimes the problem of dry hands can worsen into a problem called dermatitis where the skin is red and inflamed.

In such a situation, hydrocortisone cream helps to soothe the irritated skin.

10) Application of heavy-duty moisturizer :

If you wish deep Moisturization, you can choose a moisturizer which was intended for animals. They can provide the deepest Moisturization to your skin.

So we talked about remedies so far, now comes the preventions :

The main ingredients that actually help in Moisturization are :

1) Aloe vera

2) Jojoba oil

3) Glycerine

4) Cocoa butter

Consider carrying a moisturizer with you that includes these ingredients.

Avoid excessive heat that comes from different sources like hair dryer.

Heat can further dry out skin and hence should be avoided.

these were the best hand softening techniques we explored so far!
I hope this helps you out. For more such posts, stay tuned 🙂

59 thoughts on “Considerable Hand Softening Techniques that actually work

  1. My hands get exceptionally dry during winter, I’ve been using hand creams actively, especially during holidays and it works well. Thanks for writing. #ReadByPRB

  2. This is quite an informative post. Dry hands can be quite irritating at times. Will share these tips to a friend who complains of dry hands during winters. And it is always good to moisturise our hands.

  3. Great blog. We always tend to ignore this dry skin n think its normal. But there are various causes . Thank you for sharing it. Great points . I do suffer from it . So will try to follow all of these . And hope to gt rid of it.

  4. Great blog. We always tend to ignore this dry skin n think its normal. But there are various causes . Thank you for the information . Great points . I do suffer from it . So will try to follow all of these . And hope to gt rid of it.

  5. Wow, I love this elaborate list of techniques helping one in softening of hands. While I particularly don’t know much about this subject, just moisturising them has really gone a long way for me.

  6. I am pretty obsessed with hand creams because I use a lot of sanitizer and handwash thorugh the day. Taking care of myself, both physically and mentally, is one of the most important thing to do!

  7. I used to have such greasy handa and they were fiine till menopause. Now I use night cream every day but still, they are always dry. I guess this is part of ageing. 🙁 All your tips are for u young people. #wordsmithkaurreads #BlogChatter #MyFriendAlexa

    1. No, these tips are all right for people of any age 🙂
      Ageing is inevitable but it can slow down by following some steps 🙂

  8. Hands are the most sensitive body part that comes in contact with almost everything and we tend to forget that we need to take special care of them. Now I have kept a hand cream handy and remind myself to apply regularly.

  9. Thank you for the tips, I always ensure that I moisturize my hands. In fact, I keep a small bottle of moisturizer on my office desk, so every time I wash my hands or use a sanitizer, I can immediately apply it.

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