How to Recognize and Get Superfood for your Nails

superfood for your nails

The Superfood for your nails

If you got your hands on the gels and acrylics to make your nails look prettier and longer but your nails are weak and parched, then it’s time for a break!superfood for your nails

A break from those gels and acrylics. We completely understand your situation so we decided to experiment and discover the best possible techniques to make your nails longer, stronger and healthier.

Here’s the superfood for your nails that it actually needs in order to grow stronger and longer :

1) A cuticle oil :

Splitting and chipping are consequence of brittle nails which is no way cool when you have spent hours on painting and shaping your nails.

Our nails need a daily slathering of a cuticle oil to repair, nourish and moisturize which is essential.

Experts and doctors recommend combating the nail dryness with a cuticle oil that consist of almond oil base.

2) Take a biotin supplement :superfood for your nails

The thought of taking biotin supplements can be taken into consideration.

Studies have proven that the frequent peeling and breakage of nails can be a consequence of biotin deficiency .

So the intake of biotin tablets with an essential vitamin B can be a good decision.

3) The wise investment in Soft Nail File :

Glass nail files are better for filing as they are long wearing and easy to clean.

A soft nail file means ditching the multi packs. It provides a better finish to the nails.

Not to forget, there is a certain way to be followed in order to file correctly .

The back and forth motion always cause the nails to splinter so one should file in one direction with long , Swift but gentle strokes .

Our tip : you can start shaping from outer edge to inner edge which would give you more control over the shape you are trying to achieve.

4) Increase your vitamin b9 intake :

Vitamin b9 also known as folic acid repairs and multiplies the cells that constitute nails which speeden up the growth and promote overall nail health by preventing peeling and boosting thr nail health .

Beans and whole grains are rich in folic acid and supplements for the same are also available in the market.

5) Change your Acetone based nail polish remover :

Signs of chipping are a consequence of acetone based nailpaint remover as acetone in high concentration is super harsh .

Swap it with other nail polish removal pads that contain essential oils .

6) Get your hands on a keratin packed nail Strengthener :

Nail strengtheners can be the reason to make nails so hard that they end up completely breaking but that’s where keratin comes in.

Keratin is often found in nails to make them flexible but that doesn’t mean they will be thin or bendy but hopefully not likely to chip.

Thats all for today , stay tuned for more posts 🙂


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