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Intimate hygiene plays a significant role in maintaining good health of individual.

Special care of the same should be taken to avoid sickness or further diseases.

Being a girl, I am very particular while selecting products for intimate care.

I started using Everteen Natural Intimate Wash and I am impressed by the effectiveness of the product.

This intimate wash helps to maintain health & hygiene of your intimate area as your genitals need special care.

About Everteen

Wet and Dry Personal Care Pvt Ltd. is a healthcare and wellness company that was established in 2013.This brand started ith a vision to provide safe, natural and healthy products for Indian people.

They have professional experts specialised in healthcare, beauty, fitness, wellness etc.

Their products are loved by people around the world like Australia, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Malaysia, US, UK, etc. The brand named Everteen – desirable always, has a range of intimate care products for females.

They have variety of products like intimate wash, hair remover cream, menstrual cup, sanitary napkins, hygiene wipes etc.

Everteen Natural Intimate Washintimate wash

It is essential to maintain 3.5 pH balance of the female intimate area as this area is more sensitive than rest of our body.

Everteen Natural Intimate Wash helps to balance the pH level and acts as a saviour of intimate area from itching, bad odour and infections.Features of Intimate Wash

1. It is paraben and sulfate free.

2. It helps to retain moisture of skin because of it is naturally manufactured.

3. It’s soap free formula doesn’t damage the sensitive area. It is also free from other harsh chemicals.

4. It’s natural formula helps to maintain the body’s natural vaginal balance

5. It helps to fight against itching and irritation if used regularly.

6. It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that help to prevent bad odour.

7. It helps to have safe and hygienic periods during menstrual days.


Butea frondosa (0.2%), Ficus glomarata (0.3%) ,Sphatika (1%) and Aloe vera (1%)

The concentration of each constituent is mentioned clearly which brings transparency.

Packaging, Texture and Colour

This productΒ  is yellow in colour. It comes in a plastic bottle that can be carried anywhere easily.The texture is quite thick that lathers well when comes in contact with water.

Price and Availability

It is priced at Rs. 180/- for 105 ml which is affordable. You can purchase it from Everteen website and other websites like Amazon, Flipkart and Nykaa.

How to Use the intimate wash?

For effective results, you can use Everteen Natural Intimate Wash twice a day.

Step 1: just wet the private parts with water.

Step 2: Take adequate amount of Intimate Wash on your hand and apply it on the private parts.

Step 3: Gently massage to lather well for few minutes.

Step 4: Rinse thoroughly with water.

Precautions :One should not forget using Intimate Wash before and after workout and sex.

You can use it more than two times in a day during menstrual days.

My Experience with the product :

I am using Everteen Natural Intimate Wash every day since three weeks.

It is portable and comes in a travel friendly packaging.

This intimate wash has thick texture that lathers softly when it comes in contact with water. It doesn’t lather too much as it is a soap-free formula. After rinsing, a pleasant fragrance is left that stays on for few hours.

After exploring the constituents and uses of this product, I started using it as a cleanser after shaving and waxing as our body is sensitive after that.

Surprisingly, it helped to maintain the skin’s moisture and sanitizes the area efficiently.

Important : The intimate wash cannot be used on the face.RatingI would rate this product as 4/5.

This multi-purpose product can be used at any sensitive body area.

I would like to recommend this to all the girls and ladies as it is very important to maintain hygiene of our intimate area

More about Everteen intimate wash :

Unlike other products, this intimate wash is cruely free ( not tested on animals) .

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  1. Thank you for sharing this amazing product. Liked all the points you explained.
    Great to hear that it helped to maintain the skin’s moisture and sanitizes the area efficiently.

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