India’s First Biodegradable Intimate Wipes- Everteen

intimate wipes

Intimate Wipes

Intimate hygiene is important for everyone, specially women.

There are multiple brands available in the market introducing their variety in the same range of category. In between all, Everteen has been successful in gaining my trust and so i got my hands on Everteen’s Intimate Wipes after trying out their Intimate Wash.


Intimate area is a unique area which needs special type of care and attention. Intimate hygiene Wipes are the best way to clean this sensitive area without disturbing the balance of beneficial and opportunistic bacteria that live on the skin around your vagina.

Sometimes you don’t have an option to go for shower but you want to ensure your intimate hygiene. In such a situation, these wipes are the right option.


1) Theseย  Wipes are clinically and dermatologically tested.

2) Everteen Wipes provide relief from intimate discomfort and keeps us clean.

3) These individually wrapped wipes are ultra-soft and made from 100% biodegradable cloth.

4) The ingredients which are used in liquid are derived from plant extracts.

5) The formula of intimate hygiene wipes is free from alcohol, SLS and parabens.

6) Every individual wraps contain antibacterial ingredients which reduces any chance of vaginal infection.

7) These Wipes help to wipe away the impurities that accumulate during day or night and are best to use if you don’t have an option to go for shower.

WHEN SHOULD THESE WIPES BE USED?intimate hygiene wipes packaging

1) During Periods

2) Before and after sexual activity

3) After Urination

And whenever you want to feel fresh.


The wipes come individually wrapped which not only makes them hygienic but travel friendly too.

Every individual wrap keeps the moisture in the wipe intact.

I used to keep one wrap in my bag always and used it whenever I felt.

These have a soothing fragrance and literally removed irritation from my intimate area.

The usage of these wipes didn’t cause any infection or allergy to my skin.

These wipes kept my intimate area clean and fresh all day, specially during my periods .


One pack of individually wrapped 15 intimate hygiene wipes with a shelf life of 12 months is available at Amazon, flipkart and Everteen’s website at a price of Rs 142.

FINAL OPINION :intimate hygiene wipes

These wipes should be a part of every women’s essentials – ‘to carry’ in her bag or pocket.

Its mild refreshing fragrance along with antibacterial properties makes it a must use.


I would like to give 4.5/5 to these intimate hygiene wipes as I am totally impressed with this hygiene friendly product that keeps my intimate area fresh and clean.


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  1. Yup I think these are what I have been missing all my life because when I’m feeling quite uncomfortable down there, and no water available, this is the perfect option to feel fresh

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