Know your Skin in a methodical fashion

know your skin

In the previous post we have covered oily , dry and combination skin so far alongwith the scientific insights to that specific skin. The two other skin types-Normal and Sensitive are covered here with the significant science that lies behind to help you know your skin a little more.

Normal skinyour skin

How to Identify: if your skin is pretty even-keeled and not much or only occasional faces oil, dryness or breakouts which go away very quickly , you don’t really experience reactions to products and your complexion appears balanced without any specific regime then you have blessed with a normal skin type

Cause: Genes from parents , you lucky duck!
What to Avoid: Though normal skin is one of the easiest types of skin to care for, it’s also one of the first skin types to show early sign of ageing so make sure you start using some anti ageing products in your early 20’s.

Sensitive Skin

How to identify: If your skin is sensitive and is easily irritated or inflamed or gets itchy, dry or gets red easily, then a big congratulations! You’ve won the sensitive skin lottery. Your skin may react whenever you will stary using a new product and will flush easily with heat, or you will always get those pesky razor bumps when you shave or wax . People with sensitive skin might also get sunburn easily or might experience conditions such as eczema or rosacea.

Cause: there are a number of things that can contribute to sensitive skins like genes or maybe reactions which comes out after using products which leads to making it dry,itchy etc
What to Avoid: Products with lots of synthetic fragrance are supposed to be avoided heavy dyes or harsh chemicals. Sensitive skin people should always do a patch test before applying anything new on face do this patch test prior 24 hour from application.
I hope this post helps you to determine your skin type and know your skin.
We will be sharing a list of products which are suitable for different skin type alongwith a proper skincare routine soon on this blog. Till then, Stay tuned.

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