Achieve Magnetic Glass like Skin in 7 steps

korean skincare

Korean skincare

Korean skin care has been in trend for years now. We have been switching to Korean skincare from sheet masks to double cleansing .

Now the most tempting and addictive skin is the glass skin which is difficult to get over. The idea is to achieve a clear skin like a crystal clear piece of glass.

Pore less baby soft skin is the most desirable kind of skin. Obviously,  the Clear glowly soft and ideal skin can’t be achieved by a few steps. There’s always a planning and strategy to achieve the dream skin which are mentioned below :

All you need to achieve the glass like skin :

It’s all about cleansing and layering lightweight,  hydrating skincare products to contribute for creating the appearance of dewy and glowing skin.

The first step : choosing a gentle cleanserkorean skincare

The initial step always remains the same which is choosing a facial cleanser no matter which skincare routine you are following.

Cleansing removes the excess oil and dirt from skin that usually get build up over time. You must know the right pick for yourself and choose the cleanser which is both gentle and effective. When you wish to achieve the glass like skin, you must choose a cleanser that helps in improving your complexion.

Second step : Exfoliate with a face scrub

Cleansing should be followed by exfoliation in order to achieve the glass like skin.

Exfoliation buffs away the dull and dead skin.  You can choose a face scrub according to your skin type and requirement but always keep in mind that exfoliation is supposed to be gentle and it should give your skin a fresh and brighter look than before.

Nourishing scrub works best for the dry skin and if you tend to have blackheads then go for a scrub that penetrates into your skin and just like that!

After choosing the right scrub,  don’t scrub damn hard!

Also, don’t Pat dry because the next korean skincare product is ready for application!

Step three : Hydrating serum

The story of a korean skincare is justified by healthy skin so hydrating your skin holds an essential part!

After cleansing and exfoliation, serum is applied onto damp skin in order to extract it’s benefits.

Serums are generally absorbed quickly and gives your skin a lively look.

Step four : Apply a lightweight moisturizer

The next step is about the moisturizer which is applied right after the serum to lock the moisture.

Most suitable moisturizers are the Mattifying and water based moisturizers.

The fifth step : Your foundation

And here comes the next step,  which is about applying the foundation.

A foundation  that is light weight and moisturizing can actually ensure the glass like skin you wish to achieve.

Matte look is the opposite of glass like look, always remember. So never pick a Mattifying foundation if you aspire for glass skin.

The best option is to choose medium coverage foundation so that you can build up your desired look without over-doing it. Try choosing a foundation that gives a radiant look.

Step six : The magic of highlighting lotionkorean skincare

So now your skin is properly cleansed,  exfoliated,  hydrated and it’s time to add some special shine to particular parts.

There are a lot of highlighting lotions available in market and you can easily pick one.

Pay special attention to the tip  of your nose and cheekbones while applying the lotion.

Step seven : Add the final layer of targeted glow for the finished look

At this point of time,  you know that you are almost done! But to add the finish,  apply a glow boosting highlighter onto the top of your cheekbones,  bridge of your nose,  centre of your forehead and Cupid’s bow.

You need to blend everything really nicely to achieve the final look!

How to Mix your Glass Skin with Makeup :

We recommend very light makeup look with glass skin.  You can simply move onto completing your  makeup look by the simple tips below :

1)  Some Colour to Cheeks :

A pretty glass skin requires a bit of colour on cheeks. Choose a natural look with shimmery finish to match your glowing skin. You can apply a nice bronzer to your cheekbones and temples.You can apply light dusting of rose tinted highlighter onto your brow bone,  top of your cheeks and your cupid’s bow.

2)  A subtle eye look :

Keep your eye look simple so that nobody can take their eyes off from your glass skin,  you have put a lot of efforts to achieve that after all!

Try a thin line eyeliner or a lengthening mascara to finish your eye look with a nude eye palette.

3)  Fill your Brows :

The complete eye look can never be achieved without completing your brows in the most natural way.

4)  Get Glossy :

A glass skin is cherished by glossy and shiny lips.  Choose a gloss with shiny but non sticky finish.

Want to know more skincare routines we love?  stay tuned for that!


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