Let’s speak the Language of Colors

Language of Colors

Language of Colors

Colors are the most adorable form of Non verbal communication that actually convey emotions and feelings. The psychological effect of colour explains how Warm colors evoke different emotions and bright colors create feelings.

The language of colors plays its own role by affecting our mood . The colors can encourage us, make us feel sad or relaxed. Biological Conditioning and cultural imprinting can be the reason of these reactions.

This makes the study of Color theory significant in order to be aware about how colors make us feel and what impact they have on our emotions.

Emotions and Colors Language of Colors

The impact of color on our mood mostly depends on the shade, brightness, tint or tone and the coolness or warmness.


Lets check out the colors to see their effects –


Warm colors

Red, Orange and Yellow are adjacent to each other generally known as the warm colors. These colors have an attention grabbing effect and Red is often used for the signals of danger .

Warm colors stimulates the emotions, evoke feelings , optimism and energy.

Cool colors Language of Colors

Green, blue and purple come in the category of cool colors. These colors are calming and soothing but on contrary can also depict sadness.

Purple , a mixture of blue ( calm) and Red (intense) sparks creativity.

Any firm that wants to display beauty, health or security , incorporate these colors.

Happy colors

Happy colors are the warm and bright ones. Pastel colors like peach and light pink also uplifts our mood along with the warm ones.

The degree of happiness and optimism is defined by the level of brightness and lightness of color.

There’s another way of creating the emotions by combining multiple primary and secondary colors together to bring a youthful and colorful effect.

Sad colors  Language of Colors

Black and grey are the Quintessential Sad colors whereas Dark and muted cool colors like Blue, green can also have a similar impact on emotions.

Black is considered as the color of mourning in Western cultures but it’s white to emphasize rebirth and purity in some east Asian countries.

Calming colors

The cool colors like green and blue along with slight variations in their shades bring a relaxing effect. The simpler and pared back a design is, the more calming effect it will bring.

Energizing colors

The strong colors like Bright Red and Bright Yellow can bring the energy and make you feel more alert.

Neon colors are also included in the same category.

These colors grab attention but can also be irritating on the eyes.

Another source of stimulating energy is the Highly pigmented colors of Royal Blue, Magenta and Turquoise. They can also have a stimulating effect and make you feel energized .

Let’s gain mastery over the language of colors by diving deeper into every color :

Red  Language of Colors

This warm color is the most dynamic color that triggers the opposing emotions.

Red is associated with four factors – Anger, Love, Danger and Passion. This color has the potential to increase the heartbeat of a person and make him feel exited.


It is another color in the family of warm colors that enhances the feeling of vitality and happiness . This color draws attention in an inviting and friendly way. Thus it is a balanced color and has a great potential for calling out to buy or subscribe to a product.

Yellow  Language of Colors

The most energetic and spontaneous color out of the family of warm colors is Yellow that brings laughter, hope and sunshine.


Yellow drives optimism and cheer but it can be irritating for a person’s eyes.


Green is the cool color that symbolize health , new beginnings and wealth.

This color is the easiest on eyes that creates a calming and relaxing effect.

It is used by companies to depict growth, security or inspire possibility.

Blue Language of Colors

It is a cool color that evoke multiple feelings of safety, security, calmness, spirituality and trust.

Blue is inevitably the most favoured color out of all. Dark blues are known to give a professional touch in corporate designs but excess can create a cool and disengaged feeling.

Comparatively, light blues are more relaxing. The most common examples are the social media icons of facebook and Twitter who use light


Purple Language of Colors

Purple is the most unique color that is a blend of red and blue . It promotes creativity and is used to soothe or calm the viewer, that is why it is often used in beauty products .

Dark purple brings the sens of luxury and weather whereas light purple shows romance and mystery.


Pink symbolizes multiple feelings of feminity, playfulness, sensitivity, cuteness and charm.

Brown Language of Colors

It is a color to bring stability alongwith support. Brown has the potential to make you feel down to earth due to which it represents the well established.


Black is the dark color that evokes luxury, power, elegance, professionalism and simplicity. It is simply serious yet mysterious.

Although sophisticated, it can also have some negative connatations – it’s the color of mourning , fear and sadness.

White  Language of Colors

It is known to symbolize purity, freshness and innocence. White is simply the clean and most neutral color of all.



Gray is Comparitively the mature , responsible color. It can be used admist the formality but it might depict lack of emotions on the negative side.

So we have learnt behaviour of all the shades and language of colors so far. I hope you find it interesting and this post helps you out to find the color that matches your vibe.

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18 thoughts on “Let’s speak the Language of Colors

  1. I’m too fascinated to read thisπŸ’• I had a smile on face to read on different colors and the emotions behind! Satisfied postπŸ’•

  2. I believe a lot in color therapy . It is also true you can change the way you feel by carefully choosing colors of your dress, things you use etc. The reason why people find traveling so relaxing and meditating is because of the blue skies , blue water, green trees. Another practical example would be restaurants using yellow, red and orange to stimulate hunger and bring happiness with food. #damurureads

  3. I have never thought of this detailed aspect of colors… Now I get it why my favorite color keeps changing as per my mood.

  4. Colors definitely play an important role in our life. Being an Interior designer, I always used to suggest my clients use only white in their homes, like livingrooms and bedroms to make the space more welcoming and visually bigger. and kitchens in pale colours. usually yellows and greens are used for space for children like classroom to keep the children awake and very active.

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