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Month of Love

February is about to arrive with Lots of Exciting Days. It is the month of love that we want our viewers to live to the fullest with complete list of days along with amusing ideas to surprise your loved ones.

If you are also excited just like us, keep reading 🙂

So initially we have the whole list of Days with us :

07 February 2020: Rose Day

08 February 2020: Propose Day

09 February 2020: Chocolate Day

10 February 2020: Teddy Day

11 February 2020: Promise Day

12 February 2020: Hug Day

13 February 2020: Kiss Day

14 February 2020: VALENTINE’S DAY

15 February 2020: Slap Day

16 February 2020: Kick Day

17 February 2020: Perfume Day

18 February 2020: Flirting Day

19 February 2020: Confession Day

20 February 2020: Missing Day

21 February 2020: Break Up Day

It’s the time to have some fun in this extended Valentine’s Week with cute and little surprises. These Days are much Popular among the Youngsters and College Going people.Month of Love
It is truly said that Love Doesn’t have a Day, it’s the whole year when you celebrate One’s presence for a lifetime. But Why not make your Loved One special for a Day? True Lovers Won’t miss this chance, I’m sure!

The Couples totally in love would not be interested in Slap Day, kick Day Or the Breakup day But they would definitely be interested in rest of the Days.

Do something really different , this year, Something that makes a difference. Do anything that would make these Days a memory to cherish and remember in future. Anything that would bring on happiness and pour some Love. Simply spread the Love, Feel the Love and Express the Love.

Next, we move on to some Cool Surprise Ideas For the Month of Love :

1) Gift Food to your loved one : It is often said that the way to heart goes through stomach. So surprise your valentine with his/her favourite food . You can either take him/her on a food hunt or simply make it at home. Home Made food works better though .Month of Love

2) Relive your First Date : Simply Refresh your memories by imitating what happened at your first date. It would strengthen your love and bond.

3) Spend Some Time : Go out for a Day or Night – Time is the only thing that your Valentine Actually needs the most from you. You can put all your creativity in this Time – It can be a trip with a candle light dinner too. You can travel, explore, talk, make memories and what not.

4) Join Some Class together : It can be a cooking class, Yoga class , Dance class or something else, But when you learn together, you grow together.

5) Witness Shows and Events together : You can go out for some shows or events to enjoy and take a break from your regular life. It is often said that couple who laugh together, last together.

There is a lot more that can be done and even more to explore. I hope this article offers some help to the people looking out for some ideas to make their valentine’s Day special.


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  1. Those are some really nice ideas for couples for valentines day, but sadly I won’t be with my girlfriend on this valentines day. We are in a long distance relationship and can’t even send gifts. 🙁

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