Mysterious Facts About Nail Paint Remover

Nail paint remover

What is a Nail Paint?

Nail paint, alternatively called as Nail Laquer or Nail enamel is a formula made to decorate the nails. It is also used as a cover for protection of nail plates.

What is a Nail Paint remover?

Liquid Nail Paint Remover is an organic solvent meant to remove the nail paint.
It is generally Ethyl Acetate which is also known as isopropyl alcohol or Acetone.
Scents and oils are generally used as its constituents.
Various Cosmetic Brands have now launched nail paint remover pads which are enriched with essential oils.
The choice between Liquid Nail paint remover and Nail Paint Removing Pads is dependent on the price, quality and preference of user.
We have found Home made Hacks to remove nail paint hassle free about which we will be sharing soon on this blog.

About Elle 18

Elle 18 is a cosmetics Brand under Hindustan Uniliver. The brand has broadened its equisite products range to various colour pops with tempting colours.
They also have diversified Nail paint range along with Nail paint remover.

Elle 18 Nail Paint RemoverNail paint remover


It is enriched with glycerine which is meant for moisturization.
No other constituent is mentioned on the packaging.

Texture , Properties and Packaging:

It has water like consistency and is highly volatile.
It is light pink in colour and gives a cooling sensation once applied.
However I feel it leaves the nail a bit dry.
I liked the stopper in the bottle with a hole in between which lets a limited amount of solution to come out.


Take a cotton pad and soak it in the solution.
Apply it directly on the nail and remove the nail enamel.

Precautions :

It should be kept away from heat and preferably stored in a cool place.
It comes in a glass packaging which is fragile and so it has to be handled with care .


It costs Rs 50 for 30ml which is a fair price.

Availability :

It is available on Amazon.

Try more:

You can also get your hands on Lakme and Maybelline Nail paint remover. They are priced at Rs 70 for almost the same amount.
However there is a difference between their constituents.
Maybelline Nail enamel remover is enriched with Vitamin E and it actually leaves the nail a bit smooth.
I have not tried the same from Lakme but it also claims to have the benefits of vitamin E.
I hope this information helps you out .

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