Fix Your Hair Problems with Nature Sure Thumba Wonder Hair Oil

Nature Sure Thumba Wonder Hair Oil

Nature Sure Thumba Wonder Hair Oil

If you are tired of Hair problems and sick of switching your hair care products then you are at the right place.

Why? Because we have got your all in one solution- Nature Sure Thumba oil.

Most of the Hair Problems arise due to improper haircare when our hair actually deserve extra pamper just like our skin.

Nature Sure Came up with its ayurvedic recipe to strengthen our hair and that’s why it is my absolute recommendation to you!

Nature Sure Thumba Wonder Hair OilNature Sure Thumba Wonder Hair Oil

Thumba is the bitter apple – a desert fruit which is popularly used for haircare. It’s

seeds significantly help to stimulate hair growth and prevent premature greying.

Thumba is medically proven to bring upto 70% of hair follicles back into growth phase .

So what does it mean? Goodbye to Hairfall and Baldness.

This ayurvedic hair tonic helps to increase the volume of hair, prevent scalp infection and nourish the hair follicles.

Features of Thumba Wonder Hair oil :

1. Nature Sure Thumba Wonder Hair Oil is formulated with natural ingredients which makes it safe for use.
2. It is an Ayurvedic Proprietary medicine that helps in faster and better hair growth.

3. The regular usage of this hair oil results in an increase in hair count and length.

4. Nature Sure Thumba Wonder Hair Oil also prevents premature greying of hair which is quite common nowadays.
5. This hair oil can be used by any individual above the age of 20 years.

Packaging, Texture and ColourNature Sure Thumba Wonder Hair Oil

This oil comes in a paper packaging which has all the product information printed on it.

You can see the cool hair oil bottle which is green in color as soon as you open the box.
Coming to the texture and consistency, Nature Sure Thumba hair oil is light weight and transparent .

It’s non sticky formula penetrates into the scalp and starts working.

Unlike other ayurvedic oils, Nature Sure Thumba oil doesn’t have a strong fragrance.


Thumba, Kranj, Til oil, Bhringraj, Mustard Oil and Kapoor Kachri.

Price and Availability

Nature Sure Thumba Wonder Hair Oil is available at a price of Rs. 340/- on Amazon. You can also purchase it from Nature Sure website.

My Experience

I had a lot of expectations from Nature Sure because I had tried their products earlier.

Victimised by continuous hair fall , I had lost all hopes that I’ll find any solution.

I included Nature Sure Thumba Hair Oil in my haircare routine with a strong belief that it will work. And guess what? It worked wonders!

I didn’t notice quick results, but it is often said that slow and steady wins the race.

I used to apply it in the night and wash my head with a mild shampoo, the very next morning twice a week.

After noticing slight decrease in hair fall, I decided to continue using it.

Continuous and regular usage of this hair oil increased the volume of my hair.

I felt my hair healthier than before .

And the best part is that I got freedom to try different hairstyles because of my healthy hair.


I would rate Nature Sure Thumba Wonder Hair Oil 4/5.

It is best for people who face severe hair fall problems.


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