After Waxing or Shave, I am usually left with inflamed itchy skin. These methods of hair removal take away the essential oils from the skin making it dry and itchy. This dryness and itchiness lasts for 2_3 days causing irritation. I have been using various Soothing creams since long but I couldn’t find a solution till I got my hands on Hair Removal Lotion from Neud. 

Guess what? This natural cream is a magical skincare product that rejuvenates the dkin after hair removal. 

My hair removal experience got better all because of this lotion . 

I applied it just after shaving or waxing and I could notice the difference. This lotion leabes my skin moisturized without any itchiness or information. Now I use this product even after threading . 

After Hair Removal Body Lotion From Neud is formulated with various essential oils like jojoba oil, sunflower oil, lavender oil and clove oil. Couple of these essential oils act as a blessing on dry and inflamed skin. Apart from this, the lotion also contains glycerine, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E which acts as a moisturizer and prevents rashes caused by waxing and shaving. 

It is a water based product so I personally love the non-oily formula of this lotion. The most important fact is that this product is free from any artificial chemicals and parabens. 

After hair removal lotion

Neud After Hair Removal lotion can be used by both men and women. 

100 ml bottle of this lotion is priced at INR 290 . 

Pros :

  • This Lotion is ideal for use by both men and women after shaving or waxing. 
  • It provides soothing effect on skin and prevents dryness by acting as a moisturizer. 
  • This product is introduced by NEUD, a leading brand specializing in hair removal. 
  • Neud after hair removal lotion helps in restoring the skin’s natural pH balance. 


  • It does have a pungent smell. 

Suggestion :

Do try a patch test on any small section of skin before using NEUD hair removal lotion on whole body parts. In some cases allergies do occur. 

My Experience :

Honestly, I was reluctant to use this lotion initially because after hair removal lotion was a concept new for me.

I applied it on my arms after waxing for the first time to checkout how it works. Surprisingly, it moisturized my arms smoothly. After that i started using this lotion regularly after waxing or shaving because i loved it’s smoothening effect. It is a light and non oily formula which is worth recommending to you guys .

It doesn’t even have any effects like darkening of skin, itchiness or anything.

Availability :

This product is available at a price of Rs 276 for 100 grams on Amazon.

It is also available on NEUD Website.


You can also check out my review on Neud Hair Remover Spray. 

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