Ever heard of Hair Remover Spray? Here’s one from NEUD


Summer is back and it’s ideal time to flaunt in our favourite dresses – One pieces, florals, skirts and shorts. This simply urges us to make our bared arms and legs clean and beautiful.

The biggest confusion here comes while choosing between waxing, shaving Or creams to remove the unwanted hair.

NEUD came up with its newly launched product – Hair Remover Spray so that you can come out of your confusion and give up all the old traditional methods of hair removal.Hair Remover Spray

The newly launched NEUD Hair Remover Spray is a quality product from NEUD which is a leading brand specializing in hair removal. It is known for its best seller NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor .

I observed the amazing effects of NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor before so i decided to get my hands on the Hair Removal Spray and today I’m sharing my review on the same.


Product Details :

I never tried any Hair Removal Spray before and this product was new for me so the first thing i did was simply reading the product details.It made me aware about the product and it’s usage.

NEUD Hair Remover Spray is a unisex product that helps to remove unwanted hair easily, gently and quickly. All you need to do is simply Spray and wipe off with a tissue to achieve the smoothest skin. It is a Paraben Free Product.

This Hair Remover Spray is only recommended for normal skin. It might not be suitable for sensitive skin. You can simply apply moisturizer after wiping off with a tissue in case of dry skin.

Note : Do not use this Spray around sensitive or intimate areas like private parts, face or underarms.

Packaging :

This Hair Remover Spray comes in a 100 ml bottle packed in a box which also contains two coin-tissues for free. It is available on Amazon and Flipkart.

You can also check out this product on NEUD’s website .

Patch Test :Hair Remover Spray

It is recommended to do a patch test of any beauty / cosmetics product on your skin before trying it out completely on your skin.

So I did a patch test on my arm first and observed it for 24 hours. Well , I could not observe any adverse reaction and hence i was ready to use the Spray properly.

Directions of use :

  • Shake well before using.

  • Spray widely over your skin.

  • Wait for few minutes

Note: Do not wait for more than ten minutes

  • Wipe Off Gently with the help of two coin-tissues which expand into full sized wet tissues once dipped into water.

  • Rinse your skin with water and wipe off again with tissues.

How I used the product :

I rinsed my arms with water and holded NEUD hair remover Spray upright. After that i Sprayed the product on my arms from an elbow-length distance ( approximately 10 inches). I chilled for next five minutes before wiping it off with a wet tissue. Then I applied NEUD Hair Removal Lotion and got all set to flaunt in my favourite dress.

NEUD Hair Removal Lotion is yet another newly launched product by NEUD and I will be posting about this product soon.
Note : Do not rub your skin while cleaning and make sure that you doesn’t clean in opposite direction as both can cause Redness.
You can see that i have less hair growth so hair was removed quickly with ease. Results may vary if you have thick hair.

Remember, you have to be gentle on your skin. Do not put much pressure even if the hair is not removed completely.

Get your perfect party look with NEUD Hair Remover Spray!

This Hair Remover Spray is ideal for use – anytime, anywhere. Since it’s travel friendly, this slim bottle can fit in your handbag easily.You can simply use it according to your requirement and get rid of unwanted hair of arms and legs.
Many-a-times we make sudden plans and lack time to go outside just like the current outbreak situation, this hair removal Spray is an ultimate solution .

So why not give it a try and get freedom from unwanted hair ?

I recommend you to use it and observe the result yourself. Make sure you read, rest and then go for it in a right manner.

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  1. I have read many article about this product recently. I will definitely buy one to try. Thanks for sharing great information. I am in UK not sure if it is available here.

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