Spectacular Reasons to Smile everyday at random

reasons to smile

Reasons to Smile

Admist the Human race thriving for success and money, we often forget to search where our happiness lies.

This post will give you some exciting plus quirky reasons to smile and simply keep moving because life goes on, it won’t stop for anybody.

Now before moving further, i want to ask one thing..

Do you know your purpose? That’s the basic. Happiness comes from positive mind and you are the only one who can control your thought process.

The Mulmantra : Inhale Sabra, Exhale Shukra.

What does your purpose means?

Your purpose, the reason you exist.

If you are clueless about your reason for existence and working, you aren’t going all right.

Know yourself : Self awareness is the most important and significant thing that matters. If you know yourself, your goal, your purpose then you can work for it and keep moving. Happiness lies in the right mindset of beholder.

Smiling should be an involuntary reaction to the things happening around us. Smiling elevates your mood and mood of the people around you.

And We are here to give you the spectacular reasons to smile everyday, so don’t forget to read what’s next :

1) Smile & Attract reasons to smile

Smiling makes you look happening and attractive. Use attraction power of your smile to draw people towards you.

The negative expressions like frowns or scrowls can work in opposite way by consequently pushing people away.

2) The ultimate stress relief – Smile

Stress affects us and takes us in a negative direction. Smiling not just removes our tiredness but also gives relief from stress.

Smile even when you don’t feel like smiling, take some time to paste that smile and look at the benefits!

3) Smiling improves the mood

Whenever you feel down, try putting a smile onto your face. Your mood might change!

Smiling actually stimulates the release of mood boosting neurotransmitters and the neuropeptides.

Think in a right way – Smile as a natural anti- depressant.

4) The contagious smile

Smile has a power to lighten up the room and is completely a beautiful sentiment which conveys truthfulness.

The specific part of brain which controls your facial expressions while smiling is an automatic response area. This conveys that smiling can actual be completely unconscious.

It is scientifically proven that smiles are contagious.

5) The Boost to your immune system

Well, very less people are aware about the fact that smiling often can boost your immune system is relaxed which will make it function more effectively.

Whenever you smile, immune system improves because you are more relaxed.

6) keep your blood pressure lower just by smiling 🙂

You can notice a significant reduction in your blood pressure just by smiling so it’s time to give it a try!

Sit back, take one reading and smile the next moment to take another reading.

You will see the difference automatically!

7) More youthful, more lively reasons to smile

You can look more youthful by smiling. The muscles which are used to smile also lifts our face which makes a person appear younger.

And smiling is a more natural option than facelift, No? Try it and you will feel better!

8) The goodness of smiling

The three neurotransmitters – endorphins, natural painkillers and serotonin that your smile releazes can make you feel good from head to toe which is great.

These neurotransmitters also reduces physical pain and gives a sort of relaxation.

Smiling should be your natural drug!

9) The positive aspect of smiling

Suppose you are thinking about something negative and then you smile, keep thinking about it without loosing your smile! Is it really hard?

Just the thought of smiling and act of smiling sends your brain a message that Life is good which will help you stay away from depression and anxiety.

Smile and forget about the world!

10) You look successful, just by smiling

The research and studies have found that people who smile often look more confident and are likely to be promoted and approached.

Experiment this : Smile at your business meetings, sessions and seminars, you will find that people react to you differently.


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    1. Such a motivating post. Thanks for taking out and doing this. It really made me think about my life choices and i should smile more often. 🙂

  1. Wow… loved reading it.. its the most beautiful thing and necessary too. Thank you for such motivational blog . Now i hv found so mny reasons to smile. Keep it up . Definitely a grt write up .

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