Struggling to gain weight? Here’s your Double Mass supplement

Double Mass supplement

Double Mass supplement

Let me narrate a story of my classmate, she was so skinny that people used to call her a match stick and she used to feel embarrassed. What changed her situation – Physically and Mentally was Nature Sure Double Mass Supplement.

Its been two months since she started consuming this supplement and today I’m reviewing this one on her behalf.

Nature Sure Double Mass TabletsDouble Mass supplement

Whenever it comes to purity , Nature Sure is my First recommendation as I have tried most of their products and seen the effects by myself.

After noticing the miraculous effects of Nature Sure-Somini (Sleeping Aid tablets) , i decided to get the Double Mass Supplement for my skinny friend.


Features :

1) This Supplement is formulated with Ayurvedic Herbal extracts and Proteins that significantly help to gain weight faster.

2) Double Mass tablets are 100% vegetarian.

3) Double Mass supplement is suitable for both men and women.

4) It can be consumed by any individual with lean body.

5) These tablets help to increase the person’s calorie intake and appetite .

6) One has to consume the supplement for atleast 2 months for noticing visible results.

7) It is a Non-Addictive supplement.

NOTE:Double Mass supplement

1) Pregnant Ladies , Lactating women , children and Infants should not consume this supplement.

2) If you are on some medications, do consult your doctor before consuming these tablets to avoid any contradictions.


This  supplement contains the following herbs:Asparagus Racemosa ( Shatavar), Withania Somnifera ( Ashwagandha), Whey Protein, Asparagus Adscendens ( Safed Musli) , Plumbago Zeylanica ( Chitrak) , Mucuna Pruriens (kiwanch) , Pueraria Tuberosa (Vidarikanda) , Glycyrrhiza Glabra( jeshtamadhu) , Hemidesmus Indicus ( Anantmool) , Piper Retrofractum( Chavy) and Cyperus Scariosus( Nagarmotha).

PACKAGING: Double Mass supplement

These tablets come in a pack of 90 capsules that are nicely stuffed with cotton in a sealed plastic bottle .

This makes the tablets easy to carry anywhere.

The shelf life of these tablets is about 1.5 years but it should be consumed within 6 months after the seal is opened.


I would recommend you to consume one  tablet twice in day with Milk or atleast two months to notice the results.

The reason of consuming these with milk rather than water is clear- Milk is quite warm and provides essential nutrients to body.


The supplement Is Available on Amazon in a pack of 90 tablets that cost Rs 900.

It is also available on Flipkart and other pharmaceutical outlets. You can also Check on their website .


My friend had switched to many different weight gaining supplements but she got disappointment in the end.

She decided to give this supplement a try after I told her my brother’s experience with Nature Sure Somini-Sleeping Aid tablets. She started consuming two tablets – one in the morning and other in night with milk. After a week, she noticed slight increase in her appetite. Now, she decided to stop consuming the tablets for three days to check if these tablets are addictive or not. And the results turned out to be positive, she did not feel like consuming them – Non addictive tablets .

After that, she is back to her routine in which she consumes two tablets in a day.

Her calories intake has increased significantly and she feels more energetic.


I would rate this product as 4/5.

You can choose this supplement for effectively gaining weight in a natural way .


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