Amusing ways to surprise your friend this friendship day

friendship day

Friendship Day

We come across a number of people in our life out of which a few people are filtered through our system to get real with and to chill around. They are the mates with whom we forget the deals of life and feel free.
August is the month of festivals and in this joyful month we have the beautiful opportunity of friendship day to express our love for our friends.
So It’s time to catch the right vibes and dedicate this day to your mates and your loved ones.
Cherishing their presence isn’t just enough because there’s a lot more you can do for them which you will explore through this post.
What all you can do to make them feel special?

The Basic friendship day

Do what you love , Be you – In our hectic schedules we actually become puppets of what our life wants us to do.
It’s Sunday and the vacation mood is on so the time to jump out of your regular life and add some spice and crisp has arrived.
Dance,  Sing,  Write,  Cook or do your favourite art and make your friend do the same because the feeling of doing what you love,  what your heart desires is the best feeling in the world.
You are yourself an art,  always remember. 

Unexpected Gifts friendship day

Who doesn’t love unexpected gifts? I know everyone does.

Go out,  visit your favourite shop and find your perfect gift.
Try choosing a pair gift whose one part will be with you and the other one with your friend.  This would remind you guys the happiness of being together and strengthen your bond.
You can find magnetic pair of keyrings or half printed pair of t-shirts  at my personal favourite store gladtogift.
Getting your favourite chocolates customized is an amazing and delightful way to make your friend feel special.
I know they look like the best Valentine’s Day ideas but every kind of love has its own colour and the bond of friendship definitely has one.
Okay jokes apart,
The most appropriate gift depends on the role of your friend and every part of  family is more of a friend I believe.
You can gift what your friend actually needs,  just as water is the only thing that  a thirsty person  desires. That completely makes sense and justifies your willingness to gift.

The quirkiest idea

It’s friendship day and we forgot to talk about friendship bands?
Not possible,  but this time we have an idea,
Why don’t you guys share the same friendship band together?
Lol,  your hands will be locked for a day and you need to perform all the activities together!
This will frighten you if you are planning to celebrate your friendship day with your siblings who tickle you day and night.

Chill around

You can go out to your favourite place or visit new to get out of the ordinary life and breath the lively air.
Happiness has no limits, you guys can multiply the mutual happiness by a long drive or a divine dinner.
A movie,  a journey to hills or mountains depending on your vibe can decide the happiness of the day.

Healthy conversations

The merry part of loving and being loved is the opportunity of expressing and the gratitude.
This occasion is just another day to talk and discuss about things and life.
When communication becomes beautiful,  it enriches the bond of friendship.
Put up those insane jokes and questions,  laugh,  smile and that’s enough to make your day special because on that day,  you are a more of you and a less of what the world see,  remember.
It’s okay to be careless for a day and jump on your bed,  start the pillow fight,  turn off the lights and turn on the speakers to make it all freaking crazy!

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