Irresistible Tips for speedy and healthy hair growth

healthy hair growth

Healthy hair growth

If you are struggling for transforming your Bob to lob or dreaming of the mermaid locks then you are at the right place!

Here are some irresistible tips and tricks to make your hair grow faster and longer.

1) With the help of cleansers and shampoos, Exfoliate your scalp :

Scalp is the key to healthy hair and so it completely makes sense to use a detoxifying effective shampoo or scalp scrub to cleanse the scalp thoroughly.

Effective cleansers remove excess sebum from follicles .

2) Check your diet :

Diet plays a significant role for your hair growth. Your diet should include sufficient levels of iron, B vitamins, Zinc and protein.

We recommend Adding the superfood Spirulina to your smoothies to help your hair growth faster. It is the protein rich in chlorophyll.

Blue green Algae is rich in iron and supplements of vitamin B, iron, zinc, minerals can help to mantain healthy locks if your diet isn’t balanced.

3) Time to restrict the usage of products that clog your follicles :healthy hair growth

The hair styling products like dry shampoo and volumizing powders are the products that clog your follicles .

They are the really culprit that hinder healthy hair growth .

So we recommend you not to overload your root area with these styling products.

4) Go high on Caffeine :

Research has proven that caffeine stimulates hair shaft by blocking the effects of DHT which damage hair follicles.

Call it fortunate or not, but thinking is not the best way for hair growth.

You can try shampoos containing caffeine as a key ingredient.

5) Avoid tight hairbands and rubber bands :

The repetitive usage of tight hairbands and rubber bands cause wear and tear of hair which is definitely not what you want when you are growing it.

Pick the right band which doesn’t snag and damage your strands .

6) Don’t do much to your hair :

Cleansing your hair daily with shampoo can deprive or compromise your scalp’s natural essential oil which stimulateย  healthy hair growth.

Excessive styling , brushing, backcombing or chemical processing can leave your hair brittle which appears to shorten the length from bottom up when it breaks.

7) Massage your scalp gently :

Massage improves blood circulation and supports the minute blood vessels that feed your hair follicles.

You can gently pull your hair or do rhythmic tapping – the best known massaging techniques.
You can also book a professional session for hair massage which gives you relief from stress and can help your hair grow!


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