Ultimate Escape from hair fall with Nature Sure Jonk Oil

Nature Sure Jonk Oil

Nature Sure Jonk Oil

The problem of Hair breakage and excessive hair fall is common these days. If you feel tired of switching hair care products then here’s the ultimate solution for you- Nature Sure Jonk Oil.

Nature Sure came up with an incredibly formulated Jonk oil which treats Hair Fall and other problems.

The root causes of Hair Fall include stress, unhealthy diet or Bad haircare routine.

Hair fall is normal as humans shed hair follicles from all over the body time-to-time. These follicles are replaced new ones regularly. What causes trouble is more hairfall than hair growth. This problem is faced by a large number of people all over the globe.

Nature Sure has come up with a natural solution to this problem through its product – Jonk Oil , alternatively called as Leech oil.

Features :Nature Sure Jonk Oil

1) Leech Oil is  formulated with natural ingredients.

2) Regular application of this oil reduces the rate of hair fall.

3) It also initiates hair growth and strengthen the hair roots. In wider sense, it reduces the overall problem of hairfall.

4) It works effectively for both men and women.

5) Jonk oil also deals with dandruff, dry hair, dunk hair or all.

6)It gives the much needed nourishment to the hair and scalp.

Usage :

As Nature Sure Leech Oil is Ayurvedic oil, it’s consistency isn’t much thick.

The motive is to make the oil reach the scalp and roots so you don’t need too much of oil at a time. Apply this light oil directly onto the scalp and massage it  evenly all over your head and get your scalp all the nourishment it needs!

This oil works best when applied at night and kept overnight. It does have an unpleasant smell which is another reason why it should be applied at night as we have places to go in the day. Simply  wash it off with a shampoo, the very next day .

If you are too busy to perform the overnight process, simply apply the oil for 15 minutes and wash your hair with a shampoo. You can use Lukewarm water along with the shampoo for best results.


Jonk oil is obtained from leeches which are the blood-sucking worms. Leeches are long known for curing baldness, alopecia and other hair problems.

The Nature Sure Jonk oil contains these medicinal compounds-

Nitric oxide, Histamine, Hirudin , Hyaluronidase, Thrombin and Anti-collagen.

As it is 100% pure jonk oil, it doesn’t have any harmful chemicals in its composition. This oil only contains the good medicinal compounds obtained organically from Leeches.

My experience :Nature Sure Jonk Oil

My head is a place that accommodates a lot of hair problems, so I gave a chance to myself by switching to this oil.

I apply it twice a week in the night and wash it off the next day. This oil miraculously reduced my hair fall just in a week.

Price and Availability :

The Nature Sure Jonk Oil is available at a price of Rs. 478 for 200 ml on Amazon and Nature Sure Website.

The product is absolutely worth the price.

Rating :

I would give this product 4.5/5.

This product is to go-for if you face any hair problem.


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  1. I am facing dandruff and hair fall since forever… Nothing seems to be working… Will give this oil a try! Thanks for sharing!

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