Ever heard of Vagina Tightening Gel? Here’s one from Everteen

It’s 2021…and sadly our society still considers talking about our private parts a taboo, even if the discussion is done solely for the purpose of hygiene. As a result, there is very little awareness among women on how to maintain their intimate areas. As women age, or go through stages such as childbirth, it is natural for our vaginas to stretch and become less tight. There are very few products which claim to help with this condition. Today, I’m going to review one such product that I recently came across – Everteen Vaginal Tightening Gel. Keep reading to know about my experience!

Vagina tightening gel

So why would you need a Vaginal tightening Gel anyway?

The vagina is said to become “loose” upon weakening of the vaginal muscles, which can occur due to age, menopause, repetitive trauma to those muscles or after delivery of children. Weakened muscles may lead to urinary incontinence, i.e. leaking of pee whenever you cough, laugh or sneeze.


Price and Quantity: Rs 1799 for 50 grams


Where to buy: Available on Everteen website and other e – commerce websites.


Packaging: The Vagina tightening Gel comes inside a white box with pink flowers designed on it. Inside, there is a small white bottle with a pumping system. The squeezing system ensures that the product which comes out is untouched, fresh and of the desired quantity.


Ingredients: Ficus Glomerata, Woodfordia Floribunda, Butea Frondosa, Spatika, Quersec Infectoris and Aloe vera


Shade, consistency and fragrance:

The product is gel based and colourless. The consistency is good and allows easy spreading of the gel. It has a pleasant and mild fragrance. Because of this property, it may also help in getting rid of bad odour down there.

Vagina Tighening Gel

Directions for use: The first step is to wash your vagina and hands. Sit in squatting position. Press the bottle and take 2-3 grams of Everteen vaginal tightening & revitalizing gel on your fingers. Apply the gel inside your vagina in circular motion using your fingertips. It is recommended to be used twice every day for best results.

What the product claims:

Tightening and Revitalizing of vagina

Rejuvenation of vaginal muscles

Improves tone, vigour and lubrication of vagina

Decreases dryness

Gets rid of harmful bacteria

Restores elasticity of vagina post childbirth

Increase blood flow into vaginal muscles



Promotes feminine hygiene and prevents infections

Soothes the skin, reduces dryness and increases moisture

Tightens the vagina and restores its elasticity

Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties

Butea Frondosa is a broad spectrum antibiotic which prevents fungal and bacterial infections

It is made from completely natural ingredients

No risk of any side effects

It comes in a very travel friendly packaging

Easy to use tube and highly effective product

Formulated under the guidance and expertise of gynaecologists

The product is tested dermatologically, biologically and clinically.



Product is a little expensive

Results take some time

Rating: 4/5

My experience and Conclusion: 

Everteen vaginal tightening gel is the perfect product for women who have just given birth or have loose vaginal muscles and wish to regain their elasticity. I am grateful that I came across this product and tried it. It has now become a part of my daily intimate hygiene routine. While the product takes time to work, the results are wonderful and it does what it claims. Apart from tightening of the muscles, I also feel fresh as the product prevents the spread of bacteria and keeps infections at bay! The product is also rich in antioxidants and helps improve libido. All in all, a very handy and useful product to add to your routine!

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